2017 SSCA National Specialty

Sussex Shine Bright in Texas!


2017 SSCA National Specialty Facebook Page



2017 SSCA Fundraising Raffles



"BIG BOX OF SUSSEX STUFF" Total value so far( with 4 more people promising more) is $400.00!!!

Silver pendant & chain
Vintage walking Sussex toy
The Complete Sussex Spaniel Book - Signed
E.J. Orton book

Starbucks card
Rolled leather collar and leather lead

Sussex tote bag
Dog toys - made in USA
Rolled leather collar, silver snake chain collar, dog car restraint system, travel water bowl, dog toys
Blue dog toy

















Big Box of Sussex Stuff Tickets




2017 National Catalog Cover Raffle

 This is your change to see your dog or dogs or kennel on the coverof the SSCA National Catalog!

The winner must be a member of the SSCA. The winner must picture only Sussex Spaniels and will need to have design/photos/copy complete and present to the superintendent in time for printing of the catalog. Make as many copies of the tickets as you like.

Catalog Cover Raffle Tickets


Future SSCA Nationals

Changes are coming!

SSCA Nationals are being moved starting in 2016 to Spring venues!

This will give more people more opportunity to Chair the National in Spring Clusters and shows.

The first one will be May 4, 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah




SSCA Nationals Current and Past






Best of Breed 2016 Specialty - CH Three D Captain Crunch


Congratulations to all the SSCA National Specialty Winners

A List of Past and Present National Specialty Winners



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