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For ordering information for the items below please contact:

Catherine Schulte



The Sussex Spaniel - An Illustrated Breed Standard

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The NEW SSCA Club Pin - $6.00/pin or 2 for $10


Sussex Snoods! Only $5 dollars!


Description (L-R):

Green gingham with orange and yellow flowers – 1 available

Blue with red ladybugs and flowers – 3 available

Green with dots  Sold out

Blue with fish – 2 available

Yellow with ladybugs and flowers – 1 available

Green with fire hydrants, dog bones – 1 available

Blue with brown, blue and white splotches – 1 available

Brown with white dots – 3 available

Light blue with blue, brown and white flowers – 3 available

Red with dogs and bones – Sold out


If you are interested in a snood, please measure the circumference of your dog around the front of the ears and under the chin

(see photo below) and indicate how many inches the opening needs to be.




Below are some items from National Specialties Gone By


2004 National Specialty Shirts (only 1 small remaining).

$3.00 for a chance to 'Soar with the Sussex."




2008 Commemorative Baseball Cap. $4.00


2006 Yellow Polo Shirt w/Nationals Logo

(2 small;1 large remaining) Only $4.00!


(prices do not include shipping)


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