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Why Join The Sussex Spaniel Club of America?

Parent clubs are the national organizations that oversee the welfare of their breed. They host an annual specialty which is typically the largest breed event of the year, sometimes lasting a week, often rotating around the country, and including everything from seminars, CGC tests, and field trials to art auctions and award banquets.

The SSCA welcomes new members to the fold. If you have an interest in the breed, you are treated like family. Members can also volunteer to work on committees and contribute to the club newsletter or magazine.  The main question is, what can you do for the breed and the club.

Newcomers who want to learn about their breed and get to know the elder statesmen and women who shaped the breed should join the parent club. Introduce yourself to the newsletter editor, the specialty show chair, and volunteer your skills wherever you think you can contribute.

For established breeder exhibitors, membership in the parent club shows longtime commitment to the breed. A club’s membership directory should read like a who’s who of noteworthy fanciers. Annual membership dues are less than the cost of a weekend’s dog show entry fees.

Facebook chatter is no substitute for membership in dog clubs. It’s the clubs that put on events and if that tradition is to continue, breeders and exhibitors must support our hardworking clubs. Whether a newcomer or revered breeder-exhibitor, there is a place for you in the SSCA.

It is also reassuring to know that you are not the only crazy dog person out there!

The purpose of our club is to preserve and protect and promote the Sussex Spaniel breed. To keep it from becoming extinct and to breed to the AKC Standard for the breed.