Sussex at Work

Dock Diving

Sussex Dock Diving

Sussex Dock Diving Launch

AKC Dock Diving Event

Performance Sports

Performance Sports for Sussex Spaniels; showing off superior skills that come naturally to a Spaniel.

Search & Rescue

Search and Rescue 1

Beryl Ch ShootingStar West w’the Nite

Beryl, Tollie & Winston could save your life as Search & Rescue Dogs.


Sharing Our Memories of Lily

Nigel Alility Winner with Ribbons

Lily and Nigel prove Agility is in their DNA.

Therapy Dog

Therapy Dog

A Sussex Spaniel is no more in their element than as a Therapy Dog soothing a child.

Conformation Event

With the charisma to charm and entertain crowds, the Sussex Spaniel is a Conformation Event show stopper.

Meet our
Westminster Dog Show Winners

Stump 2009 Best in Show
Bean 2018 Best in Sporting Group


Tracking Winners 1

Tracking Winners 2

Tracking Winners 3

The “nose” knows and Sussex Spaniels excel at the sport of Tracking.