Code of Ethics

Sussex Spaniel Club of America

As a member of the Sussex Spaniel Club of America,

I will abide by the Constitution and Bylaws of the Sussex Spaniel Club of America and the rules of The American Kennel Club.

I will act according to the rules of good sportsmanship at all times.

I will promote good will among the members of the Sussex Spaniel Club of America and all other dog lovers.

I will be honest in all that I do as the owner, breeder, handler, and/or training of a Sussex Spaniel.

I will maintain a clean, healthy environment for my Sussex Spaniel and provide inoculations or other adequate protection against disease.


As a breeder of Sussex Spaniels,

I will consider the betterment of the breed as my primary objective when breeding Sussex Spaniels.

I will follow the breed standard as recognized by The American Kennel Club and strive for improvement in the areas of temperament, health, and functional ability of the Sussex Spaniel.


As a seller of Sussex Spaniels,

I will sell only to buyers who I believe to be interested in the betterment of the breed and who would be responsible owners.

I will refuse to knowingly sell to unethical breeders, pet shops or brokers.

I will provide the buyer with:

  • Instructions for proper care
  • Written record of inoculations and worming
  •  Registration application or registration transfer forms; unless a written agreement specifies otherwise